The Pearl Necklace

Timeless cultured pearl necklace jewelry; a perfect complement for all occasions. Our classy Freshwater pearl, elegant Akoya pearl necklace, golden South Sea pearl and rare Tahitian Green or Baroque pearl necklaces will dazzle your senses.

Pearl Boxed Sets has created extensive pearl necklace sets for you. Our beautiful pearl creations are matched to produce fashionable and attractive cultured pearl necklace sets at affordable prices. Our large selection of Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian Black pearl necklace sets are best sellers.

Pearls for Any Day

Look your best with a fine lustrous multicolor pearl necklace adorning your neck. Modern and hip, the pearl necklace will add jazz to your look. Choose from an array of colors, size and prices that we offer. There's a pearl necklace for everyone and for every fashion. We ship them for free and in pretty boxes.